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FDA Approves the First Preventative Drug for HIV

Truvada is is a drug already used to treat HIV, but recently, it has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection. Now the FDA is approving Truvada for preventive use against HIV. This is a huge deal, considering … Continue reading

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Guy Gets So Mad With Internet Service Provider He Breaks Into the Company Wielding an Axe

I’ve had my share of frustrating episodes with Internet Service Providers, but never to the point of hacking into their servers three times in one day, deleting data, walking into their office wielding an axe and threatening the owner with … Continue reading

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Scientists Plan to Block the Sun Using Man-Made Clouds

The planet is hot and getting hotter. But while most plans to use geoengineering to alter the weather have been rather hypothetical, now a pair of Harvard engineers have announced that they intend to spray thousands of tons of particles … Continue reading

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