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Walmart testing Scan & Go iPhone self-checkout app, cashiers becoming endangered species — Engadget

Reuters was tipped off to a survey that reveals Walmart, the worlds largest retailer, is testing a new system that would allow customers to scan items with their iPhone then quickly pay at a self-checkout counter. The “Scan & Go” … Continue reading

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Use Gmail and Google Docs to Easily and Quickly Track Anything

Google Docs and Gmail can be used together to create a simple yet flexible way of tracking just about anything. For example, you can easily track your expenses, create a workout log, or set up a food diary. Heres how.The … Continue reading

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I Want This Gorgeous Mega-Widescreen Monitor Right Now

So far, Sony and Samsung have dominated IFA with a torrent of magical TVs and new phones. But quietly, LG is showing off one of the coolest monitors we’ve ever seen. The Verge reports the 2560 x 1080 29-inch EA93 … Continue reading

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The Best Mars Panorama Yet Feels Just Like Being There

This morning Hans Nyberg sent me the most impressive panorama Ive seen of Mars yet, made from images released by NASA on August 27. Put it at full screen and look around. Its just like being right there, but with … Continue reading

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Haier’s 46-inch transparent display shows up at IFA, we go eyes-on (video) — Engadget

After last year’s awesome mind-controlled and small transparent television, we made naturally a beeline to the Haier booth on the floor of this year’s IFA. While it wasn’t yet fully unpacked, we were still pretty impressed with what we saw. … Continue reading

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Apple Will Buy Your Old iPhone for Good Money So You Can Buy a New iPhone 5

A new iPhone is coming and if you want to smartly get rid of your old iPhone before it gets even older, you would want to sell it off for as much as you can get. If that’s too much work, … Continue reading

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Do You Care About Punctuation in Text Messages?

Text messaging is arguably the most casual form of communication available—and, back when we all first began to text on our dumbphones, the sort of shorthand style that developed was perfectly reasonable. Why strain to type out full words, when … Continue reading

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Dells XPS Duo 12 Might Have the Best “Laptop” of Any Laptop/Tablet Combination

Over the next few weeks, youre going to hear a lot of noise from manufacturers about how one hybrid product or another gives you all of the benefits of a laptop and a tablet, with no compromises on design. The … Continue reading

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Deadly Virus Outbreak In California

The Center for Disease Control is warning of an unprecedented virus outbreak in California, with two confirmed deaths so far and two more ongoing cases. The virus’ ground zero seems to be in Yosemite Park: via Deadly Virus Outbreak In … Continue reading

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Sony MDR-1 Headphones: Big Sound, Premium Design, Sleek Looks

Along with the rest of Sonys announcements at IFA 2012 come the MDR-1 headphones, which are Sonys new top of the line headphones for consumers. Along with their big 40mm neodymium drivers, these closed back cans have an impressive response … Continue reading

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