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Scientists Invent Revolutionary Device that Could Help Stop Cancer and Detect Faint Alien Signals Too!

Researchers at the National Physical Laboratory and Imperial College London have found a simple way to make masers. According to team leader Dr. Mark Oxborrow, this “new type of electronic device” could revolutionize the world in the same way lasers … Continue reading

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LMFAO at NASA Mars Rover Parody [VIDEO]

This NASA parody has successfully landed on the Internet, no parachute needed. “We’re NASA and We Know It” reworks LMFAO’s infectious hit “Sexy and I Know It” with new lyrics adjusted for full-throttle space geekiness. SEE ALSO: Obama to NASA: Let Me Know … Continue reading

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PLY90 Bracket | Uncrate

Building things from scratch just got a whole lot easier. The PLY90 Bracket ($45 and up) is a new connector for building projects that lets you connect pieces of material together using nothing but some brackets and an Allen wrench. … Continue reading

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AT&T developing tech to help parents keep teenagers from texting and driving, hopes to saves lives — Engadget

By now, youre likely aware of some of the repercussions that come with shooting an innocent text to a friend while being behind the wheel. Well, in an effort to keep these unfortunate accidents from ever occurring, the AT&T Foundrys … Continue reading

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How Your Brain Cleans Itself

Your brain needs to clean itself. Not because its cluttered with inane thoughts or clogged by your filthy sense of humor, but because—like every other organ—it creates waste products. Now, scientists have worked out how it keeps itself clean.The rest … Continue reading

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