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Meet the IDGAF King of the Universe

If, like the man above, you choose to stride along a public beach wearing your basic brown banana-hammock, just do it with the same level of swag. He doesn’t care that his spare tire is gleaming in the late-summer sunshine, … Continue reading

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Lets Think About This for a Couple Minutes Now

Right after Curiosity landed on Mars, someone—it may have been Adam Steltzner, I cant remember exactly now—mentioned that this amazing two-year missions total cost was the price of one movie ticket to every citizen in America.So Im just going to … Continue reading

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Cyborg Tissue Acts as Smart Scaffolding at a Cellular Level

A team of Harvard University have developed a cyborg tissue material that is a literal mesh of nanoscale electronics and cells, able to support cell growth while at the same time monitoring biological activities at the cellular level.Among the team … Continue reading

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Small Space Guest Bed: Best Air Mattresses Apartment Therapys Annual Guide | Apartment Therapy

When we rounded up Affordable Sleeper Chairs & Ottomans as options for hosting overnight guests in small spaces last week, we heard from a lot of commenters that they rely on air mattresses. Indeed, air mattresses have come a long … Continue reading

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