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This Is the Best FourSquare Perk Ever

Woz forwarded this great picture from his friend Ron Schnell over the weekend: a parking slot permanently reserved for a restaurant’s FourSquare mayor! The details, according to Ron: I’m Woz’s friend who sent this to him. FYI, in case it’s … Continue reading

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iOS Encryption Is So Good, Not Even the NSA Can Hack It

When you think of an encrypted device that would cause the NSA to throw its hands up and give up trying to crack it, you imagine some industrial grade server, possibly made by IBM. What you don’t expect is a … Continue reading

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What’s Really Going On With Apple’s New Dock Connector

Aside from a larger screen, one of the biggest rumors about the next iPhone is the idea that it will feature a significantly shrunken down dock connector. But how small will it get? And more importantly: why does it matter? … Continue reading

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Lost Egyptian Pyramids Appear on Google Earth

If only Howard Carter had access to satellite imagery, maybe he would have discovered more than just King Tuts tomb. Fortunately, Google Earth means that anyone can examine the planet for lost treasures. Including Angela Micol, a satellite archaeology researcher … Continue reading

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Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30? – NYTimes.com

We liked the same songs off Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde,” the same lines from “Chinatown.” By the time the green curry shrimp had arrived, we were finishing each other’s sentences. Our wives were forced to cut in: “Hey, guys, want … Continue reading

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Cheap iPads sold on Craigslist to lure buyers into parking lots to be robbed | iMore.com

Cheap iPads are being listed on Craigslist with a view to lure potential buyers to quiet car parks where they’re being robbed, sometimes at gun point. The latest scam comes from Uniontown, Fayette County and WTAE has the full story.Police … Continue reading

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