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Change is hard and sometimes scary, however change is inevitable but in order for change to be effective and have any value we must be open to it. The willingness to be open to change causes change to occur. STR

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A $3,000 iPhone 5 Case for Those With Money to Burn

A $3,000 iPhone 5 case is apparently one way to protect a $199 phone. This titanium Gresso Revolution bumper case may just be the perfect iPhone 5 case for the kind of guys that outfit high-mileage clunkers with $5,000 rims … Continue reading

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Conan Uncovers the Real Reason You Want an iPad Mini

Once again Conan O’Brien successfully circumvents Apple’s reality distortion field with an updated version of the new iPad mini commercial that reveals the real reason you’re probably going to pre-order it tomorrow. Hint: it has nothing to do with the … Continue reading

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Element Case Sector Aluminum iPhone Case

After a year of development and a huge launch of the Sector 4 FE, the iPhone 5 finally arrived and we were able to add final touches and begin production of the new Sector 5.The Sector 5s super thin multi-link … Continue reading

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This Is the iPad Mini You Should Get

The iPad Mini is just a shrunken down iPad 2in a lot of ways, but it is a different device with uses that will be somewhat different. So what do you need in an iPad mini? We think we have it figured out. … Continue reading

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Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft: The Next Round in the Battle of the Ecosystems

        Mark your calendars.  Today is a day where we have been treated to the revelation of what is really going on in the battle between the tech giants for market supremacy. To say the least, there is … Continue reading

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Your Spit Might Tell Dentists If You Have Cancer

Dentists (a.k.a. we’re real doctors, I promise!) might soon be your first line of defense against cancer through something called salivanomics—meaning analyzing your spit to see if you have diseases. UCLA researcher Dr. David Wong argues in a new paper published in the Journal … Continue reading

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First Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Ridiculously Amazing

The first Iron Man 3 trailer is here! And if the movie is half as good as this, you will be cheering in the movie theater with Avengers-level joy. Just look at Ben Kingsley playing The Mandarin, Tony Stark’s next … Continue reading

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This Picture Is Actually a Drawing

I know it’s hard to believe but the picture you see above? It’s not a photograph. It’s actually a drawing by amazing artist Diego Fazio. Like he drew this super realistic picture with a real pencil. It’s stunning. Diego Fazio, a … Continue reading

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Todays Apple Event Will Be Streamed Live to Apple TVs All iOS Devices

For those eager to hear what Tim Cook has to announce later on, good news: today’s Apple event will be streamed live, direct to Apple TVs. Apple TV owners should see a new “Apple Events” icon on their homescreen. Click … Continue reading

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