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Heres Video Evidence of Why Everyone Thought Diane Sawyer Was Shitfaced On Air Last Night

Diane Sawyer was definitely probably drunk tonight during ABCs election coverage. Would you agree? Not convinced yet? She slurred every other word, rambled about the lack of music, and asked a correspondent if the exclamation point in the Obama slogan … Continue reading

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New Pepsi ‘Special’ Claims to Contain Fat-Blockers | Foodbeast

Pepsi Special, a drink deemed by the Japanese government as a “food for specified health uses,” is Japan’s newest addition to its soft drink repertoire. The dextrin found in this particular vein of Pepsi is reportedly helpful when it comes … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico Votes on Status: A Primer on StatehoodPolitical News and Opinion from a Multicultural Point of View | Political News and Opinion from a Multicultural Point of View

With less than 24 hours until election day, our look into the Puerto Rico Status Referendum takes on the seemingly dominant option of the ballot: Statehood. As readers will recall, Puerto Ricans will vote on a two-part question on Election … Continue reading

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Uninstall Your Windows Product Key So You Can Use The License on Another PC

Before you sell or recycle an old computer, you might want to take your Windows license and use it on a different PC. The How-To Geek offers instructions for uninstalling your product key and installing it on a new PC. … Continue reading

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