New Pepsi ‘Special’ Claims to Contain Fat-Blockers | Foodbeast


Pepsi Special, a drink deemed by the Japanese government as a “food for specified health uses,” is Japan’s newest addition to its soft drink repertoire. The dextrin found in this particular vein of Pepsi is reportedly helpful when it comes to blocking fat, making it difficult to absorb the molecule. It should be noted that there’s a big difference between unsaturated and saturated fats, so a fat-blocking drink would theoretically block both the good and bad. Oh noes.Of course, Pepsi Special is not the first of its kind and follows the recent health trend overtaking soft drinks. Coca-Cola recently announced plans to release a ‘Beauty’ Beverage, teaming up with Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company in Paris. Apparently unhealthy-turned-healthy drinks are all the rage and if you’re not on board, you’re sinking in calories.Kotaku reports that Pepsi and Suntory have collaborated to make Pepsi Special a drink void of the icky dextrin aftertaste while still containing that “refreshing Pepsi finish.” Ahhh.Pepsi Special will be released November 13 in Japan at ¥150 US$1.87 per unit.

via New Pepsi ‘Special’ Claims to Contain Fat-Blockers | Foodbeast.

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