The name is “IT pro . . . Your IT pro.”

by Katelyn de Diego

This week, the latest James Bond thriller hits the theaters, promising action, adrenalin, and acumen. That got us thinking about what impressive stunts 007 will show off this time around.

Bond is known for his competence, the ability to work well under pressure, and of course his arsenal of the latest tech gadgets. These tough traits and tech tricks have relieved him from many a boondoggle.

From keeping calm and strategizing his survival technique while falling parachute-less from a plane in Moonraker to skiing down a mountain on just one ski while firing a machine gun in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, James Bond is a master of strategy, troubleshooting and advanced technology ‒ much like your IT guy or gal.

In fact, strip off the short-sleeve button-down shirt and cell phone carrier case from his belt loop, and hand him a suit and sunglasses, and you might not be able to tell the difference.

Which brings us to . . .

5 Reasons Why Your IT Pro Isn’t So Different from James Bond

• They’re international agents. James Bond is prepared to travel the world over to protect your freedom, just like your IT guy or gal, who, with the right tools like remote support, is able to solve your network problems from the beach in the Bahamas or anywhere else that suits them.

• Their technology tools fit in the palm of their hand. In Skyfall, James Bond uses a gun that is programmed only to fire when in contact with his unique palm print. And your IT pro? They’ve got remote access to their computer and yours from a tablet or smartphone using a unique pin number.

• Hero is their name; protection is their game. James Bond wants nothing more than to save the world from terrorists, preferably while entertaining a beautiful woman and driving a ridiculously cool car. Your IT pro might love a fancy car and a pretty face too, but they’ll settle for encrypted networks and passwords with symbols substituted for letters.

• They love a good challenge. Look closely and you’ll see the same look on James Bond’s face when he pulls off the mission that your IT pro gets when they secure your connection to the network just in time for your presentation to start.

• They rely on innovation. James Bond doesn’t need superpowers, and neither does your IT pro. Instead they pair their intellect with a powerful array of technology tools that proves their reputation for fastidious and heroic work.

How does your IT pro remind you of James Bond or Jane Bond?


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