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Google Nose BETA

The new scentsation in searchComing to your senses: go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation.Your internet sommelier: expertly curated Knowledge Graphs pair images, descriptions, and aromas.Take a whiff: the Google Aromabase – 15M+ scentibytes.Dont ask, … Continue reading

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How 3D Printing Gave This Man His Life (and Face) Back

While doctors have experimented with 3D-printed prosthetics in the past, none has been quite as prominent or incredibly detailed as Eric Moger’s newest addition: a prosthetic, 3D-printed face. Four years ago, Eric underwent surgery to remove a tennis-ball-sized tumor in … Continue reading

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How to Stop Robocalls Once and For All

You’ve just sat down to a nice home-cooked meal with your family when the phone rings. Could be Grandma, you think. She still actually uses the phone for talking. But no, it’s a robocall shilling for some debt relief scam, … Continue reading

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ATM Skimming Is Now Prolific on Payment Terminals and Ticket Machines

ATM skimming has become an art in recent years, with the devices that crooks use becoming ever more sophisticated. But fraudsters are broadening their reach, with payment terminals and ticket machines now just as much targets as ATMs.Krebs on Security … Continue reading

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