ATM Skimming Is Now Prolific on Payment Terminals and Ticket Machines

ATM skimming has become an art in recent years, with the devices that crooks use becoming ever more sophisticated. But fraudsters are broadening their reach, with payment terminals and ticket machines now just as much targets as ATMs.Krebs on Security reports findings from the European ATM Security Team EAST which reveals that point-of-sale skimming attacks are becoming the norm. The report points out that at least five countries have reported widespread skimming attacks against transport ticket machines and parking machines.EAST claims that the new skimming devices used in these point-of-sale attacks typically use Bluetooth to transmit the stolen card and PIN details to the crooks, eliminating the need for the devices to be physically revisited. As ever, the advice is obvious: if anything ever looks suspicious at a terminal where you have to use your card, move on.

via ATM Skimming Is Now Prolific on Payment Terminals and Ticket Machines.

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