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Maumelle Wal-Mart Greeter Mr. Willie – YouTube

Mr. Willie works as a greeter at a Walmart store in Maumelle, Arkansas. Here he explains what a greeter does and also what a “BAM!” is. We want a BAM! from him.

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Touchscreen interface for seamless data transfer between the real and virtual worlds – DigInfo TV

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a next generation user interface which can accurately detect the users finger and what it is touching, creating an interactive touchscreen-like system, using objects in the real word.”We think paper and many other objects could be … Continue reading

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Microsoft may bring back start button and boot to desktop for Windows 8.1

Its hardly a secret that the computer-buying public hasnt fallen head over heels for the Windows 8 start screen. In fact, a whole cottage industry has sprung up around returning Windows to its version-7 glory. The latest rumors indicate that … Continue reading

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