The Next 2 iPhones Were Developed Under Steve Jobs

Apple has already designed the next two versions of its iconic iPhone, with both phones well underway before CEO Tim Cook took the helm of the company.That’s according to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, who says he was told this when he met with Apple’s government liaison Michael Foulkes in the last week.Presuming Apple sticks to its regular naming convention, the two phones Foulkes was referring to are the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6.Gascon has been trying to persuade Apple to implement technology that would disable an iPhone or iPad after it was stolen, making the device useless for thieves. If a device no longer worked after it was reported stolen, the DA felt, thieves would be less likely to attempt the theft in the first place.An iPhone was involved in more than half of San Francisco’s robberies last year.Gascon tells the San Francisco Examiner that, during his meeting with Apple, he was told the next two iPhones preceded Tim Cook, making it unlikely that kill-switch technology would be included.Apple currently offers the ability to remotely lock and wipe lost iPhones to protect victims from having data stolen from their device. The company does not, however, offer the ability to permanently disable the device from further use.Do you think Apple should include phone-disabling technology in the iPhone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

via The Next 2 iPhones Were Developed Under Steve Jobs.

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