Microsoft may bring back start button and boot to desktop for Windows 8.1

Its hardly a secret that the computer-buying public hasnt fallen head over heels for the Windows 8 start screen. In fact, a whole cottage industry has sprung up around returning Windows to its version-7 glory. The latest rumors indicate that Microsoft may be moving to squash these apps, by enabling 8.1 to boot directly to the desktop and reinstating the start button. Code recently dug up in a DLL, buried within the bowels of a leaked version of Windows Blue strongly suggests that this relatively minor revision of the desktop and tablet OS could offer users a way to skip the live tiles and go right to the familiar UI of Windows past. An entry for “CanSuppressStartScreen” was found by quite a few different forum users in the TwinUI.dll file. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm this ourselves. While theres no hard evidence for a return of the start button just yet, the reliable Mary Jo Foley has heard from at least one source that Redmond is considering bringing the little logo orb back. Of course, nothing is certain yet. Theres no guarantee that either feature will actually make it into the final version of Windows 8.1, but were sure at least a few of you have your fingers crossed.

via Microsoft may bring back start button and boot to desktop for Windows 8.1.

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