USB Utility Charge Tool is a Geeky Swiss Army Knife

I have always been a fan of the Swiss Army Knife. Its practicality, that it is always there for you when you run into trouble. It is the goto for box cutting or getting yourself out of a pair of awful pantyhose. However, till now there hasn’t been such a tool that was solely dedicated to the geeky MacGyver’s in our lives. Increasing numbers of us lack the need to cut stuff up at a moment’s notice. Hence, the Swiss Army Knife is seen as a little less useful than it used to be. With the USB Utility Charge Tool, the torch can finally be passed.

The tool has four prongs that can be flipped out like you would with a Swiss Army Knife. There’s a standard USB extension for charging, along with Micro USB, Mini USB, and 30-pin connectors. No dice on a Lightning connector, though, so if you have a relevant Apple device, you’ll need an adapter handy, too. Shame that doesn’t fit into the sleek body of this tool.

via USB Utility Charge Tool is a Geeky Swiss Army Knife.

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