Dear Microsoft, Dont Bail on Windows 8

The sheer audacity of Windows 8 was enough to set it apart. It was startling, the kind of uncompromising upheaval you almost never see from a frontrunner. Despite obvious missteps—big, idiotic, self-inflicted ones, more often than not—it always gave the sense that it was just wrong-footed, correctable stuff, never cause for a total retreat. Except, if recent reports are to be believed, that’s just what Microsoft seems to be doing. Retreating. And we really hope it doesn’t.The next update for Windows—codename Windows Blue or 8.1— is due at the end of June. It should be major, retooling a lot of what Windows does, or at least how it does it. But theres been at least some talk that its going to go beyond that, and pull back from the deep end of next level UI that Windows 8 airdropped its users into.Its almost certain that the Start button is coming back, and that you’ll be able to launch into the regular old desktop. On their own, these are actually actually great changes. And frankly, that’s probably all they are. Hopefully. Because Microsoft can’t afford to reverse course at this point. And we shouldn’t want it to, either

via Dear Microsoft, Dont Bail on Windows 8.

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