McCain Introduces Bill for ‘a la Carte’ Cable TV

Hate having to pay for hundreds of cable TV channels when you watch less than a dozen? How about those blackout rules that make it so you can’t watch your favorite NFL team when a home game isn’t sold out?

If Sen. John McCain gets his way — and that’s a big “if” — those two annoyances could be a thing of the past.

Sen. McCain introduced a bill Thursday in Congress, the Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013. The act would “encourage the wholesale and retail unbundling of programming by distributors and programmers.”

That means if you want to subscribe to a single cable channel, such as ESPN, you would be able to do that without subscribing to any others.

Here’s how the senior Senator from Arizona introduced his bill: “For over 15 years I have supported giving consumers the ability to buy cable channels individually, also known as ‘a la carte’ — to provide consumers more control over viewing options in their home and, as a result, their monthly cable bill.”

via McCain Introduces Bill for ‘a la Carte’ Cable TV.

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