Former Thief Invents Theft-Proof ATMs From His Cell

Who knows security better than a thief?Romanian computer expert Valentin Boanta used to supply thieves with the skimmers they used to gather information to create fake bank cards and then steal cash from ATMs.Boanta, 33, was caught in 2009. And now, six months into his five-year sentence, the former thief has developed a technology that would safeguard ATMs from the very attacks in which he used to participate.”When I got caught, I became happy,” Boanta told Reuters. “This liberation opened the way to working for the good side.”Skimming is the act of copying a credit or debit card by scanning the magnetic strip on the cards back. Thieves then use these cloned cards to withdraw money from the cardholders bank account at an ATM.

via Former Thief Invents Theft-Proof ATMs From His Cell.

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