7 Graphics of Earths Coolest Phenomena, From Rainbows to Earth Wobble

Whats the oldest tree on Earth? Whats a rainbow? Is the Earth wobbling? Its fun to ask these questions but trickier to answer them—in simple terms, at least. Luckily, Viennese designer Michæl Paukner has done us all a huge favor by creating these lovely visual explanations.Paukner is a graphic designer by trade, but a personal interest in Earth science gives his wonderful Flickr a celestial bent—its well worth checking out if youve got a few minutes to chew on a theory or two. In one illustration, he maps the Phantom Time Hypothesis, which posits that our calendar is incorrect and 297 years of the Middle Ages never happened. In another, he imagines if the bunk theory of a Hollow Earth were real.You can buy most of these as prints on Paukners shop—in the meantime, check out seven of his best graphics below.

via 7 Graphics of Earths Coolest Phenomena, From Rainbows to Earth Wobble.

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