The North Pole Is Now a Lake

If you think these images from the North Pole look more like a lake than the snow-covered expanse youd expect, that because it is is—the North Pole has melted.Its not, perhaps, quite as dramatic as it sounds. April saw the ninth heaviest snow cover on record measured in the Arctic, covering the Pole in more of the white stuff than its seen in a long ol time. But by May, temperatures increased and almost half the cover melted.Throughout July temperatures have been uncharacteristically high—up to 1-3°C higher than usual on July 13th, for instance—and the result has been an abrupt thaw of the snow cover that was left. These images, acquired from the North Pole Environmental Observatory, show the thaw in progress, between June 30th and July 25th.RELATEDÍgy lett alig 4 hét alatt hatalmas tócsa az Északi-sarkbólA 444-en olvastam, hogy pár nap alatt jókora tó keletkezett az Északi-sarkon. Akirály kolléga több forrásra hivatkozva azt írja, hogy Read…Its worth pointing out that this isnt the first time theres been a meltwater lake at the North Pole, nor is it the worst its also worth pointing out that this is just at the pole, and not across the entire ice cap. And we certainly shouldnt draw climate change conclusions from what is realistically one data point. But it should at least make us think about what were doing to the planet. [444 via Cink]

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