Apple confirms September 10th iPhone event, and well be there live!

The next iPhone will be presumably unveiled on September 10th, as hinted at on the Apple-delivered invite that you see above. When the curtains pull back, itll be nearly a year to the day since the iPhone 5 was ushered into reality, and itll no doubt be a monumentally important day for the company. Particularly compared to the barrage of products Apple introduced in 2012 — iPad mini, iPhone 5, the MacBook Pro with Retina display, enhanced MacBook Air / iMac / Mac mini lines, a redesigned iPod nano, a revised iPad / iPod touch / Apple TV, ad OS X Mountain Lion — 2013 has been eerily quiet. Outside of a tweaked iPhone 5 for T-Mobiles network, a Haswell-infused MacBook Air and a tease of the next-generation Mac Pro, weve been left with little more than hopes for newly-inspired versions of iOS and OS X.That changes on the 10th of September, as at the very least, were expecting a next-gen iPhone to hit the stage. Well also be holding out hope for a lower-end iPhone 5C for emerging markets — markets where Android and even Windows Phone are the platforms of choice for communities making the move into the smartphone era. We wouldnt put it past Apple to also revise its iPad line while its at it, and naturally, iOS 7 should be just about primed for release to the masses. As youd expect, well be on hand in Cupertino in order to liveblog every second of the action, and wed invite you to cast your best guesses on whats to come in comments below.

via Apple confirms September 10th iPhone event, and well be there live!.

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