A Single Neck Injection Could Cure PTSD

What if doctors could cure post-traumatic stress disorder with a single injection to the neck? One Chicago-area doctor claims he can, and has finally convinced someone in the Pentagon to give the idea a shot. And Danger Room has learned that some in the Navy believe the approach might actually work.The freaky procedure is called stellate-ganglion block SGB. Its the brainchild of Chicago anesthesiologist Dr. Eugene Lipov. Hes touted the method for years, even winning then-Senator Barack Obamas support in 2007, and hes treated dozens of military personnel and veterans at his own clinic.Until recently, Lipov was largely ignored by Pentagon brass and military doctors. All four of his applications for military research funding were denied. The most recent rejection came just last month.

via A Single Neck Injection Could Cure PTSD.

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2 Responses to A Single Neck Injection Could Cure PTSD

  1. Amy says:

    SGB is the most amazing treatment I have ever had! It changed my life!

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