Stromer Electric Bikes – E-Bikes from PUBLIC

Stromer Electric Bikes from PUBLIC We think Stromer is the industry leader for well designed purpose-built electric bikes. When we say purpose built, we mean that the Stromer electric bike frame and components were specifically designed with electric power assist in mind. Designed by a Swiss manufacturer, Stromer has been setting worldwide standards for electric bikes in terms of integration, function, performance, and style. With Stromer, you’re not retrofitting an electric bike kit onto an existing pedal-powered bicycle like a BionX kit. You are buying a bike that was specifically designed and manufactured for electric bicycle performance, including the integrated battery in the frame down tube, hydraulic disc brakes, and cushy balloon tires. Without a doubt, the Stromer is the most fun, sporty, and fast electric bike we’ve had the privilege of riding. For the best independent third-party review of the ST1, we highly recommend reading the review at Have more questions? Read our Stromer FAQ.

via Stromer Electric Bikes – E-Bikes from PUBLIC.

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