Sign Language Ring – 2013 | concept | Red Dot Award: Design Concept

A general lack of understanding of sign language among people with good hearing can create difficulties when someone needs to use signs to communicate with them. Sign Language Ring is a translation device in the form of a bracelet with detachable rings. When worn on the fingers of the person using sign language, the rings detect and track the signing motions. These are translated to voice, which is emitted by the bracelet. The user can pre-record their signing movements and assign the appropriate words, which allows the system to be customised to the user’s particular gestures.

After use, the rings can be set into the bracelet for storage. The design was inspired by Buddhist prayer beads. The system also translates voice into text, which is displayed on a screen on the top of the bracelet.

via Sign Language Ring – 2013 | concept | Red Dot Award: Design Concept.

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