Bright House set to match Google’s Fiber speeds in Tampa community

Despite some recent PR setbacks, Google has become the people’s champion in cities with its gigabit fiber network — thanks in part to the low reputation (and speeds) of regular providers. However, one cable outfit, Bright House Networks, is at least seeing the commercial value in such installations. It’s joining forces with a real estate company to build a gigabit fiber-to-the-home network for a 6,000-unit development in Tampa, Florida. The first houses will be occupied this summer, with completion slated for 2017. Bright House said the move is not a response to Google’s recent announcement that it’ll expand Fiber to 34 more cities, but meant rather as a “differentiator” for the community. With its average internet speed around a fortieth of that figure, we imagine the rest of the company’s 2.4 million subscribers will keenly notice the difference.

via Bright House set to match Google’s Fiber speeds in Tampa community.

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