Is There a Drone Flying Around the Harlem Building Collapse? (Updated)

New Yorkers were shocked on Wednesday morning when reports of a building collapse in Harlem hit the wires. It didn’t take long for smartphone cameras to fill up everyone’s social media feeds. But wait. In that one… Is that… a drone? (Update: Yep! It’s some random guy’s DJI Phantom 2.)

Indeed, it looks like there’s a drone flying around the disaster area. The better question, however, is whose drone is it?

Local TV reporter Don Champion suggested that it was authorities using a drone to aid the investigation. This is not a crazy thought, as drones are already being used to help firefighters and police officers in cities around the world. It would also confirm rumors that the NYPD is experimenting with drones, which is really not a crazy thought especially since the NYPD chief said last year that he was interested in using drones in the city limits. When we called on Wednesday morning, the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information, for the NYPD says that the drone is not theirs. And I quote, “Why would we use drones?”

via Is There a Drone Flying Around the Harlem Building Collapse? (Updated).


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