Don’t Spread Those Bullshit Facebook Copyright Takedown Posts 

This week, you may have noticed a surge in Facebook friends posting an alarmist message on their walls insisting that they won’t give Facebook permission to use and distribute the content they post. The message is either the same or very similar to another viral copy-and-paste that has circulated on the social network for the past few years. It’s 2015, but there’s the same old complete misunderstanding of intellectual property law being spread around.It’s not clear who first posted the viral message, but it has been around since at least 2012, and resurfaces whenever Facebook makes changes to is privacy policies (to be clear, Facebook has nothing to do with the message beyond providing a platform for it to spread). It’s a modern twist on the chain letter, exploiting privacy concerns.The latest iteration of the message, sometimes prefaced by the poster with “Better safe than sorry” or a note that the person saw this on the news, goes like this:

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