AT&T is the next US carrier to let you roll over unused mobile data

It didn’t take long for other US carriers to match T-Mobile’s rollover data, apparently — AT&T is offering its own take on the strategy. As of January 25th, every AT&T subscriber with a Mobile Share Value plan will see their leftover megabytes available the following month. If you’re mostly relying on WiFi in February, you’ll have a ton of cellular bandwidth available for that March vacation. It’s not limited to more advanced tiers, either, so you’ll see it kick in even if you’re comparatively thrifty.This isn’t necessarily sweeter than what you get on T-Mobile. While the magenta network’s Data Stash lets you save data for up to a year, any untapped AT&T data disappears after that extra month — you can’t stockpile it for a Netflix marathon during the holidays. Still, this is a big deal if you’re not clinging on to a grandfathered unlimited data plan for dear life. AT&T is no doubt hoping that this will entice you to stay on a more capacious tier than you really need, but it’ll definitely make better use of the service you’re paying for.

via AT&T is the next US carrier to let you roll over unused mobile data.

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