These Hidden Wireless Connectors Could Make Ports Obsolete

If you type “Keyessa Kiss” into Google, you’ll get listings for porn stars. But probably not for long, because it’s also the name of the most amazing way to dock a device I’ve ever laid eyes on.See those two tiny little black squares on that plastic board? Those are the connectors. And they don’t even need to touch your phone, tablet, or laptop PC. They live beneath the surface of your device, and its dock, using extremely short-range, high-frequency wireless signals to transfer data at up to 6 gigabits per second. No need for bulky metal connectors.Now get this: pair it with Qi wireless charging, and you don’t need connectors to charge your laptop either. No holes in the sides of your machine. And if you supply just enough power to, say, power a speedy little external solid state drive, you could simply touch that to your machine to immediately transfer files from it.

via These Hidden Wireless Connectors Could Make Ports Obsolete.

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