How to Explain Net Neutrality to Your Relatives: A Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means turkey, mashed potatoes, and getting peppered with questions about tech-related news stories because hey, you read a bunch of blogs and you even know what a yik-yak is! It’s only a matter of time before they ask you “So what’s up with that thing on the internets?”

Lucky for all of us, the year of Bitcoin is over and you’re probably safe from having to explain the finer points of the the blockchain to Uncle Nigel, who seems waaay too interested about the part where you can use cryptocurrency to buy heinous porn on the darknet. No, this year there’s a good chance you’ll wind up describing “common carriers” and gingerly trying to explain how sometimes government regulation is the answer to your Tea Partier Aunt and her enthusiastically nodding second husband when they blindly ask you what this “net neutrality” thing is all about.

We’re here to help. Below you’ll find a list of potential questions, fleshed out with some background, tips, and a sample answer to help you wow the dinner table before navigating the discussion back to something more palatable like sportsball or political issues that people actually understand.  TO READ MORE FOLLOW LINK BELOW

via How to Explain Net Neutrality to Your Relatives: A Thanksgiving Guide.

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