Get 2GB Extra Google Drive Space Just By Checking Your Security Settings

Want 2 GB of extra space in your Google Drive account? Today, Google will give it to you for free, just for doing something you should be doing anyway: Reviewing your security.

Turning on things like two-step verification and having a strong password are great, but it’s not enough to just set it and forget it. If you don’t check in on things now and then, you might get yourself screwed.

Google’s Security Checkup—a promotion that’s running until Feb 17 as part of “Safer Internet Day”—runs you through your recovery settings, app access, recent logins, and other shit you should check periodically. And at the end, you’ll get 2 GB for your trouble (effective at the end of the month). Yeah sure, you should be doing this anyway, but it’s always nice to get a little reward for finishing your chores. [Google via The Next Web]

via Get 2GB Extra Google Drive Space Just By Checking Your Security Settings.

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