Darth Maul fan film: A good Star Wars prequel | BGR

Published this weekend, Darth Maul: Apprentice has apparently been in the works for two years. Just to put that into perspective, we hadn’t even seen a teaser trailer for The Force Awakens two years ago.On paper, Darth Maul should have been one of the coolest additions to the Star Wars universe in Episode I. Instead, he ended up falling somewhere between podracing and midi-chlorians on the list of “things we stopped caring about immediately after we left the theater.” He was underutilized and died like a sap.But we never got to see his backstory. What if his training has been just as intense and meaningful as Luke Skywalker’s, but on the Dark Side of the Force? That’s exactly what T7 Production wanted to explore in their short film:

Source: Darth Maul fan film: A good Star Wars prequel | BGR

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