Four Times Its Okay to Break Up Via Text

Unprovoked nuclear attack. Incest. Cheating at Scrabble. Breaking up via text message. In the minds of many, that latter act is the greatest of all crimes—but is that fair? Is it ever justified to textually end things? Yes!A caveat, please: if youre in a relationship with someone you have or would call your boyfriend or girlfriend, it is not acceptable to break up over text message, email, IM, Twitter DM, Facebook status, or any other digital, virtual missive. Your relationship is likely ending in a more hurtful and poignant way that can ever be captured in typed words. Youll both be better off exposed to the quirks and nuances of IRL interaction.But there are a lot of relationships that arent serious. And in spite of the text-breakups stigma as the chickenshit way out, the medium has become the way we talk all the time. Were not calling each other, were texting each other. Is that watering down and generally cheapening the average human exchange? Maybe. Probably! But were living in an age when its OK to send a text to buy drugs, receive newborn baby photos, and blanket your friends and family with good news. So if its good enough for the good, surely its good enough for some of the bad. Here are the types of relationships you can press send to end:

via Four Times Its Okay to Break Up Via Text.

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