The Miracle Cure Thats Hiding in Plain Sight

Youve maybe never heard of Bacillus Calmette–Guérin—it sounds kinda French after all, so why would you? But scratch a little deeper and youll find that BCG, as its commonly known, is one of the most overlooked wonder-drugs of our time.BCG is first and foremost the worlds most common tuberculosis vaccine, and was first used in humans all the way back in 1921. Made from a weakened strain of live bovine tuberculosis bacteria, its been show to be up to 80 percent effective in preventing TB for a duration of 15 years, depending on geographical location. Thats pretty impressive, which is why—US aside—its shoved into many a childhood arm around the world. But thats just the beginning.

via The Miracle Cure Thats Hiding in Plain Sight.

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