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26 Awesome Photos of War Dogs Showing How Badass and Cute They Can Be

We love dogs, but we love war dogs even more because apart from being loyal and cute, they can be absolutely badass. We are so obsessed with these awesome canines that we made a collection of the 30 best photos … Continue reading

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How NYCs Underground Park Will Stay Well-Lit and Alive

Winter makes you crazy because you spend so much time cooped up without fresh air or sunlight. With that in mind, some people in New York City have plans in the works for an underground park—the Lowline—to be built in … Continue reading

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The iPhone 5 Already Has a Two Week Wait for Shipping

Wow. If you werent fast enough to grab a pre-order on Apple.com when it first started an hour or so ago, youre going to have to wait a little bit to get that new iPhone. You have to wait two … Continue reading

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