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TSAs new book for kids: “My First Cavity Search” « Boing Boing

TSAs new book for kids: “My First Cavity Search” « Boing Boing.

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Mars is the new moon: why space explorers will never be the same | The Verge

The Earth that Neil Armstrong left forever last month was a different planet than the one he re-entered in 1969. They won’t be making any more like him: a Navy test pilot with middling grades in his aeronautical engineering classes, … Continue reading

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US Marshals Service to convert Clear Channel digital billboards into real-time wanted posters | The Verge

The US Marshals Service USMS, which is responsible for apprehending fugitives across the country, has signed a deal with Clear Channel Outdoor to use the companys digital billboards to display “hot pursuit messages” about wanted criminals. Drafted by the USMS … Continue reading

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Apple appeases European lawmakers with Lightning-to-microUSB adapter — Engadget

We do love products that only exist to circumvent the finer points of legislation hello there, Aston Martin Cygnet, but even better are the ones that actually serve a purpose. To comply with the European Commissions insistence that all smartphones … Continue reading

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Phil Schiller explains why there is no NFC or wireless charging on the iPhone 5 | iMore.com

Prior to the iPhone 5 event we saw a lot of rumors floated about NFC (Near Field Communications) and whether or not Apple would include it in their new, flagship device. Now that the event is over, the iPhone 5 … Continue reading

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iPhone 5 announcement analysis: Is Apples iPhone 5 disappointing?

The only thing more predictable than the iPhone 5 itself was the world’s response to it. Months of leaks, photos and videos leading up to yesterday’s unveiling meant that we all knew exactly what was coming from Apple’s AAPL new … Continue reading

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FaceTime cellular cost: Verizon, Sprint confirm free FaceTime

We weren’t aware that people used FaceTime so frequently, but the tech world erupted recently when AT&T T confirmed that it planned to force customers into a new shared data plan in order to use FaceTime over cellular data connections. … Continue reading

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