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This Agricultural Breakthrough Makes Every Crop Self-Fertilizing

Weve been using nitrogen fertilizers to bolter crop growth since the neolithic era. But producing enough food for nearly seven billion mouths requires intensive farming farming practices that demand heavy applications of fertilizers. And their overuse is taking a heavy … Continue reading

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SysAdmin Day | System Administrator Appreciation Day

Show your appreciation Friday, July 26, 2013, is the 14th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day Your network is secure, your computer is up and running, and your printer is jam-free. Why? Because you’ve got an awesome sysadmin or maybe a … Continue reading

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The Pixel Painter – 97-Year-Old Makes Incredible Art Using Microsoft Paint [VIDEO] | Most Watched Today | The Best Online Videos

97-year-old Hal Lasko, aka Grandpa, has spent the majority of his life working as a graphic artist. After Lasko retired his family introduced him to Microsoft Paint from Windows ’95. Despite suffering from wet macular degeneration, Lasko is able to … Continue reading

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Node Power Outlet Allows Users to Plug In At Every Angle | Apartment Therapy

360 degree turning electrical outlets have been around awhile, alongside pivoting and flexible outlet extension accessories, all addressing the issue of granting power and access to awkwardly situated outlets. But this design from Japan may be the most elegant and … Continue reading

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George H. W. Bush Shaves Head to Support 2-Year-Old With Cancer

Former President George H. W. Bush shaved his head this week in support of a young boy named Patrick, the 2-year-old son of a member of Bush’s security detail suffering from leukemia. Other members of Bush’s Secret Service detail also … Continue reading

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Florida’s Radioactive Fountain of Youth May Prolong Life

Five hundred years ago in June, the Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon started his journey back to Puerto Rico from Florida after becoming the first European to land on mainland America. After exploring the east coast of Florida, he … Continue reading

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The North Pole Is Now a Lake

If you think these images from the North Pole look more like a lake than the snow-covered expanse youd expect, that because it is is—the North Pole has melted.Its not, perhaps, quite as dramatic as it sounds. April saw the … Continue reading

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The Five Second Rule Will Make You Sick (And Maybe Dead)

With an unsettling *splat* your toast has once again landed butter-side down on the carpet. But it’s not like you’re going to waste another five minutes waiting for a replacement piece to brown. Heck no, just yell out “five second … Continue reading

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This NFC-Enabled Ring Stores Your Personal Data On Your Fingertips

Have you ever wanted to wave your hand to unlock a door or transfer your contact information by simply touching a phone? How about keeping all of your top secret passwords at arms length, literally? Well, with this Kickstarter-funded near … Continue reading

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The Days of Door-to-Door Mail Delivery Could Be Numbered

Every day, millions of people enjoy the simple luxury of a blue and grey-clad letter carrier showing up at their house and dropping the day’s mail on their doorstep. But if some Republican lawmakers get their way, this luxury may … Continue reading

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