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Could SpaceX land the first humans on Mars?

Today, SpaceX recovered its Dragon spacecraft after a successful journey to the International Space Station — thus proving that a private company can transport supplies, or maybe even crew, to the ISS. Everybody’s saying this is the real beginning of … Continue reading

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Here’s a Closer Look at the Ikea TV That Shows It’s Even More Awesome

The nice thing about the upcoming Ikea TV, other than being smart and cheap, is that it blends the television into your furniture to completely banish unsightly cables from your living room. Here’s how it would look like in a … Continue reading

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Obama Ordered Devastating Cyberattacks Against Iran

In June of 2010, a security firm in Belarus called VirusBlokAda reported the first known citing of what we know now as Stuxnet. It was, simply put, the most advanced malware of all time. Its target? Iran. Its origin? Unknown. … Continue reading

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