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Architizer Blog » Reclaiming the Water Tower as Public Art

The 10,000 or so watertowers sprinkled throughout New York are strange objects, instantly recognizable and reassuringly familiar, yet relics of an old and utterly foreign industrial spirit that vacated the city (or at least, most of it boroughs) long ago. Nowadays, the … Continue reading

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Agenda Calendar for iPhone and iPad review | iMore

Agenda is a beautiful alternative to the iPhone and iPad’s built-in Calendar app by the great folks at App Savvy. In addition to performing the normal tasks you’d expect any good calendar app to do, Agenda also lets you confirm … Continue reading

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Layar Creator sees an interactive future for print media via augmented reality (video) — Engadget

Heavy hitters across several industries have tried to find the perfect balance between the old and the new to breathe some life into what’s been described as a dying medium. Layar “wants to make the world clickable” with its augmented … Continue reading

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Mophie’s Juice Pack PRO aims to keep iPhone 4 / 4S protected and powered during wild adventures — Engadget

Staying true to its peripheral nature, Mophie’s outed yet another iPhone companion: the Juice Pack PRO. Although the new power-boosting case doesn’t carry as much juice as that Powerstation (not surprising, really), it does offer similar ruggedized aesthetics — which … Continue reading

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Exposure to Awesome Things Makes You a Better Person

“Awesome” is a word which is thrown around liberally these days. But a new study suggests that things that inspire awe—that is, a feeling of respect mixed with fear or wonder—actually help make you a better person. The research, carried … Continue reading

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Theres Never Been a Worse Time to Buy a Laptop

If youre thinking about buying a laptop any time soon, dont. Just dont do it. Were at a unique point in history, where weird and wonderful new hardware and revolutionary platform changes of every stripe will converge over the next … Continue reading

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snopes.com: Health Care Reform Legislation Requires Microchip Implantation?

There are articles and Facebook posting going around about Obama requiring all American to be implanted with a microchip in order to use the health care system. REALLY! Switch out the “Obama microchip” thing for whatever the “issue” of the … Continue reading

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