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iCloud: The ultimate guide | iMore

iCloud is Apple’s online service designed to make managing your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV, and your iTunes content easier and more automatic than ever. Like the name implies, iCloud is based in the “cloud”, which is a … Continue reading

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How to set up iTunes in the Cloud automatic downloads for apps, iBooks, movies, TV shows, and more | iMore

iTunes in the Cloud let’s you automatically download any App Store apps, iBookstore iBooks, and iTunes music you buy. For example, if you buy a game on your iPhone, it can automatically download onto your iPad. If you buy a … Continue reading

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Armor your iPhone for the future with TAKTIK premium protection system | iMore

TAKTIK is an iPhone case that looks like its built to withstand a full on Cylon invasion. From the makers of the LUNATIK iPod nano watch strap that helped kickstart Kickstarter onto our radar, it shares the same premium design … Continue reading

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Don’t Buy a Windows Phone Until Windows 8 Comes Out

Did you see Windows Phone 8 today? Looks pretty good! And if you buy a WP handset any time between now and when it comes out, it’ll never ever get all of those goodies. So don’t. Wait until WP8 is … Continue reading

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Sorry, But Microsoft Screwing Windows Phone Fans Is the Right Thing To Do

Not a single smartphone out right now will be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. If you’re a recent customer, you might be frustrated. Rightfully so. But if you care about the dazzling future of Windows Phone, get over … Continue reading

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The Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Is the Best of Any Phone

I love Windows Phone 7’s start screen: neatly organized square tiles that clearly show information in real time—from emails to photos to weather to travel progress—without having to click on applications. With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft has solved my only … Continue reading

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Scientists Can Now Grow Functioning Liver From Stem Cells

Scientists have promised a lot of regenerative medicine will come from stem cells, but so far progress has been fairly slow: they can stimualte regrowth of heart tissue, make incredibly expesnive artifical blood, or—at best—construct a short piece of vein. … Continue reading

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