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Mathemagics for iPhone and iPad review | iMore

While at WWDC 2012, I had the opportunity to sit down with Shane Crawford of Blue Lightning Labs and take a peak at his Mathemagics apps, Mental Math Tricks and Easy Algebra Fast. These app are design to teach you … Continue reading

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SeaOrbiter to begin construction by year’s end, project price tag clocks in at $52.7 million — Engadget

Remember that USS Enterprise-esque ocean research vessel we first ran across back in 2005? Yes, the one that was originally slated to hit the open waters in 2008 or 2009. After catching heat for its lofty ambitions for the last … Continue reading

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Reading Rainbow launches iPad app, we go hands-on video — Engadget

The rainbow chairs, miniature hot air balloons and child care at yesterdays Reading Rainbow press event were a welcome change from the standard mood lighting and Adele songs that set the scene for most tech launches these days. Of course, … Continue reading

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