What’s Really Going On With Apple’s New Dock Connector

Aside from a larger screen, one of the biggest rumors about the next iPhone is the idea that it will feature a significantly shrunken down dock connector. But how small will it get? And more importantly: why does it matter?

The iPhone in your pocket right now communicates with other devices—most notably your computer—with a 30-pin connector. It’s been there forever; too long, in fact. Its size has become a limiting factor, taking up valuable space that could go towards thinner, lighter gadgets. In all likelihood, Apple is changing things up.

Not only is that going to make the iPhone and iPod accessories you already own obsolete—without the help of some easily misplaced connector that will cost you cash money—but more importantly, there’s a chance it could drastically change what those speaker docks and connectors can actually do.

via What’s Really Going On With Apple’s New Dock Connector.

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