Lytro camera hands-on video — Engadget

You knew Lytro was up to something, but with its infinite focus light-field powered camera out of the bag, how does it actually stack up in real life? In a word: novel — you certainly wont be tossing your regular camera for this shooter, at least not in its current incarnation. Still the concept of shoot now, ask focus questions later is revolutionary, so hop on past the break for our initial impressions.Lytro camera hands-onSee more video at our hub!Right off the bat, youll notice its diminutive size. If were frank, we were expecting something more akin to a DSLR — visions no doubt conjured by the immense arrays used to do this sort of wizardry back in the day. Its small, beautifully made, anodized aluminum body reminds us of a cross between an iPod Nano and an iSight camera — inspiration that isnt only skin deep, as Lytros desktop software which youll need to open and export .lfp files is currently Mac only, with a Windows version in development.Functionally, its pretty simple to use. You manipulate the device via two buttons on its rubber coated end — one turns it on, the other snaps photos. Captures are seamless and instantaneous, thanks to its zero-lag focus, and zooming is a similarly painless affair controllable on the grooved line across the devices top. As for image transfers, theyre accomplished by connecting to a micro-USB port on its bottom — hidden behind a flap, of course.

via Lytro camera hands-on video — Engadget.

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