iPhone 5 line photos: Customers line up a week early for iPhone 5

It looks like Samsung’s 005930 next run of anti-iPhone commercials just wrote themselves. Apple’s AAPL most recent iPad launch was somewhat quiet compared to past launches thanks to more efficient pre-sales and supply that actually exceeded demand, but it looks like Apple’s iPhone 5 launch will not follow suit. As reported by Fortune on Sunday afternoon, lines of customers waiting to purchase Apple’s next-generation iPhone from the flagship 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York had already begun to form more than five days before Apple is scheduled to release its new handset. Each of the people on line Sunday were reportedly there on business of some sort, however, promoting their companies or even their band, as was the case with a pair of cousins who lined up on Sunday. Hazem Sayed and his marketing head Sage were the first to line up outside the Apple Store at 8:00 a.m. last Thursday, eight days before the iPhone is set to launch on September 21st.

via iPhone 5 line photos: Customers line up a week early for iPhone 5.

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