RIM Microsoft Windows switch rumor


Things have gotten so bad for RIM that the company is willing to look at Nokia’s strategy for guidance,Reuters reports. Citing unnamed sources, Reuters says that RIM’s board is under enormous pressure to make drastic changes to its business model, which may include selling off its network business and forming a strategic partnership with Microsoft to sell BlackBerry devices that come equipped with the Windows Phone 8 operating system that’s due to be released next year. Specifically, the sources said that “Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had approached RIM in recent months, looking to strike a partnership similar to the one the software giant has with Nokia.” RIM has spent much of the past year working on BlackBerry 10, the newest version of its operating system that is seen as make or break for the company. But with yesterday’s announcement that BlackBerry 10 will be delayed until at least the first quarter of 2013, it’s not too surprising that RIM is considering alternatives.

Read Original post from reuters

via RIM Microsoft Windows switch rumor.

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