FaceTime cellular cost: Verizon, Sprint confirm free FaceTime

We weren’t aware that people used FaceTime so frequently, but the tech world erupted recently when AT&T T confirmed that it planned to force customers into a new shared data plan in order to use FaceTime over cellular data connections. Major U.S. wireless carriers Verizon Wireless VZ and Sprint S will not need to worry about similar backlash as both have confirmed that FaceTime will be free for their iPhone-wielding subscribers. Of course, this was already known in both instances — Sprint confirmed the The Wall Street Journal back in July that it will offer the service for free, and BGR exclusively confirmed in August that Verizon will not charge its subscribers for FaceTime calling. iOS 6, which will bring FaceTime over cellular capabilities to U.S. iPhone users, becomes available on September 19th.

via FaceTime cellular cost: Verizon, Sprint confirm free FaceTime.

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