iPhone 5 announcement analysis: Is Apples iPhone 5 disappointing?

The only thing more predictable than the iPhone 5 itself was the world’s response to it. Months of leaks, photos and videos leading up to yesterday’s unveiling meant that we all knew exactly what was coming from Apple’s AAPL new iPhone, but years of public response to iPhone launches painted an even clearer picture. Just as in years past, people went into Apple’s event on Wednesday looking for the Cupertino, California-based company to shake the Earth with its announcements. And just as in years past, many were disappointed when all they got was what is arguably the best smartphone on the planet.Let’s look at exactly what Apple announced on Wednesday.The new iPhone 5 is one of the thinnest flagship smartphones in the world. Not the thinnest, despite the claims of Apple’s marketing boss, but definitely one of the thinnest. What we can safely say, however, is that the new iPhone will be the most solid, well-built smartphone in the world when it launches next week. The iPhone 4S is already a cut above the competition when it comes to build and materials, and the iPhone 5 is a further improvement by all accounts.

via iPhone 5 announcement analysis: Is Apples iPhone 5 disappointing?.

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